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Hey Scratch Fam,

I have the following gear for sale:

Rane 62 mixer, used 25x in my studio until i switched up to a 64.  Excellent like new condition in original box with a case if you want.  $1000 plus $50 for the hard case of u want it.

Rane ttm57 mixer.  Used when I bought it and it's just sitting in my closet unused.  $500 with case. 

SL1 DJ Interface box.  I've taken it as back up to all my gigs. I think I even have the plug in power adapter for it also. $50

Sl4 Dj Interface box.  This box is super dope.  Has 2 usb ports for ez dj swaps during gigs.  I think they are still 8or900 new.  This one is in excellent condition and I'll let it go to scratch fam for $500

I have to look and see but I think I have a few 2 channel mixers that came with other gear I bought.  Ill let those go fo $25to$50 ea. Call or email for info.

If interested hmu at 714-222-8271 or email me at  all prices are NEGOTIABLE!

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Listed below are the days the studio is open for you to practice.

SUPERVISED PRACTICE SCHEDULE starting Monday, November 26th, 2018

Monday 1:30pm - 4:00pm

Tuesday 5:00pm - 730pm

Wednesday 5:00pm - 730pm

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Friday 11:00am - 1:30pm

Saturday and Sunday

4pm - 630pm


*NOTE: On occasion, the studio will close due to a special event.  In this event, we will post an event notification on Scratchbook in the events section OTHERWISE Supervised Practice is "as scheduled".  Apologies for any inconveniences.  If you need help - can e-mail

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