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At 7:48am on September 20, 2011, SumiBeats said…

Absolutely man!  I'll have to poke around for inspiration. I'll let ya know!

At 7:47am on September 19, 2011, SumiBeats said…

So I think I need to follow in your footsteps and come up with a fancy logo like yours ;-)

At 3:31pm on September 13, 2011, SumiBeats said…
Woo hoooo!  Uh-oh.  I'm gonna have all kinds of pressure now! ;-)
At 7:21am on September 13, 2011, SumiBeats said…

1:00.  You?

At 12:31pm on September 12, 2011, SumiBeats said…

That avator is SO adorable!  Uh I mean "tight" *grunts*

At 2:37am on May 28, 2011,
dj t!psy
thanks man! oh it was tough lol
At 10:28am on December 8, 2010,
oh my bad wall-e just saw your post. have you tried recording a mix on your 57? just need to know so i'm not explaining stuff to you that you already know.
At 9:07am on November 9, 2010,
It was last Saturday. LOL. Better hit up Ver5e on a make up session. Our homework, bring 2 songs (i think you have to post it up?) Mapped out. If you plan on using Serato/Tracktor, you can, but you have to take the Digital Workshop. They will not let you use it unless you take that class first. They will have the digital workshop again. You gotta check with Ver5e on that too...unless you plan on spinnin vinyl, then you don't need to.
At 1:41pm on November 8, 2010,
It's at 2-4pm on Saturday's. Pretty chill. Ver5e is teaching it. We already have to choose 2 songs to map out, do the BPM and bring it on Saturday. You doing Saturday? I didn't see you this weekend.
At 1:14pm on November 8, 2010,
Wall-e, i think you left a message on my page when you were trying to reply back to Jimnastic. But all's good. Taking M202 on Sat. What about you?
At 10:39am on November 8, 2010,
what up wall-e, has anyone ever told you, you kinda look like dj a-trak.
At 7:23pm on October 10, 2010,
hey man- just saw this- the most is technically really depends on how the beat is structured. 100 bpm and 200 bpm are technically the same thing- 200 is just double time.

So- you COULD mix a drake track at 70 bpm with a dubstep version that is 130 bpm or house or whatever.
At 1:36pm on October 6, 2010, MINKS said…
like it? lol...... i love that picture with you (i think its you) on stage with the lights in the background. its amazinggg
At 7:38pm on October 5, 2010, dj amp said…
wuzzup wall.e dat waz fun when we was shrin the turn table c u on saturday peace.
At 2:19pm on September 25, 2010,
send me the confirmation to

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